About Us
Event Rentals

Baltimore's newest and best event rental space. Our space features newly installed marble floors, refinished hardwood steps, and colorful uplighting for you next event.

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Artist Showcase

We are here to support the thriving art scene in Baltimore. We host monthly artist showcase and partner with local artist to share this artistic visions with a larger community.

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Vegan Marketplace

We host a bi-weekly vegan marketplace featuring vegan food, body products, jewelry, and clothing vendors. Our marketplace will begin in late Summer/early Fall 2023.

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Community Engagement

We are here for the community. We host a variety of educational events at Refocused Space. More details coming soon!

Community Partners
Education * Art * Health * Community *

We are life long learners. This is a gift to the world. Education like art is meant to be shared.


Art in all it's forms needs to be express. We are a vehicle for expression...


We are here to create community. We also give a platforms to existing communities.

Support Matters

We are providing a service to the community. Most of our events are free or low cost. Therefore, we facilitate our services through sponsorships, donations, grants, and good energy.

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