Chill N’ Rejuvenate

Chill N’ Rejuvenate
September 7, 2023
7:00 PM

Chill N’ Rejuvenate

Sometimes it seems more accessible to take care of our physical bodies. There are tons of gyms, workout classes, and opportunities to work on our physical beings. All of that sounds great and is truly good for your body, but what about your mind? Your mind needs attention too.

Chill N’ Rejuvenate is a part of my Mentally Rejuvenate™ brand where you will not only get the opportunity to work on your mind, but you will also have a chance to de-stress and chill.

Now is a perfect time to nourish your mind to destress.

Who can benefit from Chill N’ Rejuvenate?

Any human being

Someone who is looking for an outlet to refresh and rejuvenate

Someone who believes that they need to take care of their mind

Someone who has been stressed or overwhelmed

Someone who just wants a break

What will we be doing at Chill N’ Rejuvenate?

Mindfulness activities

Games (adults deserve to have fun too!)

After, we will also walk down the hall and eat together at Refocused Vegan (yummy and Black-owned). Of course, that part isn’t free :D.

Where will Chill N’ Rejuvenate take place?

At the beautiful, Black-owned space, Refocused Space! (Yes, it’s related to Refocused Vegan.)

Who is behind Chill N’ Rejuvenate?

Me!! (Oh wait, you don’t know who “me” is.) I’m Glenda Lezeau and I will be your host/facilitator throughout this chill event. I am an author, mind coach, and professional speaker who has been sharing gems about mental wellness for over 7 years. Check out my Instagram @glendalezeau and website:

Anywho, I hope you will be joining me to experience these moments chilling and rejuvenating.

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